Bangor, Washington: Small Town with Big Adventures

Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest is the quaint town of Bangor, Washington. This small town of just over 1,000 people is home to some of the unique places and experiences in the region. From its stunning coastal views to its well-preserved historic district, Bangor is a destination that offers something for everyone. The main attraction in Bangor is its beautiful location along the coastal waters of Puget Sound. Here, visitors can take in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and islands and relax on the sandy beaches near the beach. With its many nearby recreation areas, Bangor has plenty to offer for the outdoor enthusiast, including trails for hiking, biking, and swimming. For a unique camping experience, visitors can explore the rugged terrain of nearby Beacon Hill and Marchetta State Parks. Learn more here.

History lovers will find plenty of interesting things to explore in Bangor. The town is home to many historic sites, including the original site of the Bangor Post Office, which was built in the 1800s and still stands today. Those looking for a bit of local culture should also check out the nearby Museum of Northwest History, which houses artifacts and documents outlining the history of Bangor and the surrounding area. The town itself has plenty of local shops and restaurants to explore, many of which serve up some of the freshest seafood in the state. Visitors can enjoy a plethora of delicious seafood dishes in one of the many restaurants or take an evening stroll through Bangor's downtown area. There are also plenty of unique stores offering unique gifts and souvenirs, for those looking for a bit of entertainment, head over to the Bangor Performing Arts Center, which showcases some of the best local and national talent around. The theater also houses the town's growing local art scene and often hosts music, dance, theater, and literary events. Learn more about Scandia, WA.