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Majestic Views: Bird-Watching at Kitsap Memorial State Park

Kitsap Memorial State Park, located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State, is a premier destination for bird-watching enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner birder or a seasoned veteran, this state park offers something unique. From the majestic Olympic Mountain Range to the stunning views of Puget Sound, Kitsap Memorial State Park offers various magnificent vistas to explore. Poulsbo, WA can be seen here. 


Those passionate about birds or simply appreciating the natural world will not be disappointed by the abundance of species within the park’s borders. Over 250 bird species call Kitsap Memorial State Park their home, including bald eagles, seabirds, owls, hawks, hummingbirds, ducks, and songbirds. Birders who want an up-close view of the avian beauties in the park should consider utilizing one of the park’s many excellent observation areas. Click here to read about Educate Yourself on Marine Life With SEA Discovery Center in Poulsbo, WA.

The park’s most popular spot for bird-watching is the Kitsap Memorial Overlook. This elevated platform was designed to offer visitors a stunning view of Puget Sound and its surrounding habitats. Visitors can admire the Olympic Mountains, Kitsap Peninsula, and San Juan Islands from this location. The Overlook also offers a great vantage point to spot and count the numerous bird species inhabiting the Kitsap Memorial State Park’s grassy and wooded habitats. 


Those who wish to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Kitsap area can explore the many trails in and around the park. From leisurely walks through open meadows and wooded paths to extended hikes along the bluffs of Puget Sound, these trails are perfect for both the beginner and experienced hiker alike.  With so many habitats and unique wildlife in the park, hikers can spot various birds, from small songbirds to hawks soaring across the sky.


If you’re eager to add to your category of successfully identified birds, attending one of the park’s many naturalist-led bird-walks is an excellent way to get started. These walks take place during the summer and are perfect for beginners and advanced birders alike. Led by expert naturalists, guided bird walks often traverse the park’s wetlands, shoreline, and surrounding forests, allowing birders to observe a variety of species in their natural habitats.

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